Usage of POS

To use POS properly, follow the steps below.

  • Login to the system as Admin/Staff user
  • Click on "POS" from dashboard menus
  • Workperiod is needed to be started to use pos
  • Admin need to select branch to active pos
  • Add items to order list by clicking on the food item
  • "Submit" order if customer wish to pay later
  • "Settle" order if customer pays while making the order

  • To take payment of submitted orders, go to the submitted orders page by clicking the button "SUBMITTED"
  • Click on the status from status column or click on settle order from dotted menu in action column
  • Click on the status or click on "settle order" from dotted menu in action column
  • Add payments and click "Settle Order"

Video Tutorial

You can follow the video below to get a good overview.