Installation on Localhost

Please follow the 4 steps carefully to install the system in your local server.

Step 1 - Copy Files
  • Create a folder in your local server, name it "khadyo" ( inside htdocs folder if you are using xampp )
  • Copy and paste here the "" file which is in the downloaded file from “CodeCanyon”
  • "Right click" on the Zip File
  • "Extract here" the zip file

Step 2 - Create Database
  • Start apache server
  • Create a database in your local database, ( navigate to "localhost/phpmyadmin" if you are using xampp )

Step 3 - Add Virtual Host
  • The following steps are for xampp server in windows os (operating system). If you are using any other server/os, please configure your server with the same configuration as it is here.
  • Configure apache server as shown in the video below (click here)
  • These are the lines you need to add in the configuration:
  • <VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "your_khadyo_directory_path"
    ServerName localhost
    <Directory "your_khadyo_directory_path">
  • Restart apache server

Step 4 - Install The System

Video Tutorial

You can follow the video below to get a good overview.